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Nancy Cronen
Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Nancy Cronen (1989, Bolivia) is an actress and visual artist. She graduated from the Dramatic Arts career of the National Theater School in Bolivia in 2014. That same year she began her explorations with Performance art under the guidance of Diego Aramburo in the show La Santa Cruz de Sade. In 2016 he presented his first work “Sumergida” (video-performance and installation) in La Galerie, Alianza Francesa, La Paz, Bolivia, which won the grand prize in the TalentArtes 2016 competition, within the framework of the Biennial of Contemporary Art SIART IX. Her interests surround the devices of social alienation, the mechanics of interpersonal relationships, and mental and physical spaces.


Did you ever hear about madness? Have you ever heard about psychiatry? Have you felt anxious or anxious, or pushed to your limit?

Education and Artistic Training

• 2014 Graduated from the Dramatic and Performing Arts Career, National Theater School, Bolivian Catholic University “San Pablo”, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

• 2016 Specialization in Photography, Beyond basic Photography: From smartphone to DSLR, Michigan State University and Coursera

• 2017 Diploma in Contemporary Photography, From the Body, Module III: Portrait, Staging and Contemporary Identity, Multinational Workshop

• 2017 ART of the MOOC: Activism and Social Movements, Duke University

• 2017 Processes of artistic creation and conceptualization of projects, Node Center


• 2016 TalentArtes, La Paz, Bolivia (May 23-June 1)

• 2013 Teatro de los Andes, Sucre, Bolivia (January 31-February 13)


• 2016 Altered Bodies, SIART IX, Contemporary Art Biennial, La galerie, Alianza Francesa (curated by Jean-François Rettig and Joaquín Sánchez, FR, BO)

• 2017 Selfie, Contexts V, Contemporary Art Biennial, Simón I. Patiño, Cochabamba, Bolivia (curated by Ramiro Garavito and Rodrigo Douglas Rada, BO)

• 2018 Selfie, Contexts V, Biennial of Contemporary Art, National Museum of Art, La Paz, Bolivia (curated by Ramiro Garavito and Rodrigo Douglas Rada, BO)

Awards and Honors

• 2016 1st place, work “Sumergida”, TalentArtes 2016 Contest, SIART IX, Contemporary Art Biennial, La Paz, Bolivia

• 2016 Best Actress, 48 ​​Hour Film Project, Cochabamba, Bolivia

• 2013 Best Actress, 48 ​​Hour Film Project, Santa Cruz, Bolivia


• Andean Eye Collection, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, Treviso, Italy